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Product General Characteristics Base Materials Technical Data
LPP1 Primarily intended for mechanical applications where electrical properties are of secondary importance. Not recommended for high humidity applications
Alternative to: Attwater - B4, Bakelite Hylam - P101
Paper, Phenolic, Resin
LPP2 Suitable for general electrical insulating requirements. Good machineability Paper, Phenolic, Resin
LPP3 Excellent electrical insulating properties in high humidity applications. Has minimum cold flow characteristics. Paper, Phenolic, Resin
LPF1 Made from fine weave cotton cloth. Suitable for electrical application requiring good moisture resistance, machining properties Cotton cloth, Phenolic Resin
LPF2 Made from medium weave cotton cloth. Suitable for machining and mechanical application and as high density and good moisture resistance Cotton cloth, Phenolic Resin
LPF3 Made from cotton fabric weighing over four ounces per square yard. Has high impact strength and resiliency. Not recommended for electrical application. Cotton cloth, Phenolic Resin
LPF4 Same cotton fabric as grade LPF2. Suitable for application requiring good moisture resistance, high impact strength and good electrical properties Cotton cloth, Phenolic Resin
LPFG Made from fine weave cotton cloth, special resin with graphite inclusion. Not recommended for electrical application Cotton cloth, Phenolic Resin
SR2B Good wear, well bonded, dimensionally stable under operating conditions. Specially conditioned during fabrication to further protect. Cotton cloth, Phenolic Resin
ARC2 A high temperature material to replace materials containing Asbestos. Low moisture absorption. Excellent wear. Cotton, Special Phenolic Resin
LNP342 Heat stabilised, engineered not to shrink. With excellent impact and bond strength. With low creep. Cotton, Phenolic Resin
LEL635 Low water absorption good dimensional stability and excellent chemical resistance. Cotton, Epoxy Resin
ARK2 Designed to have good wear characteristics, low shrinkage and long term creep resistance. A high temperature material. Kelvar, Phenolic Resin
LNP193P Excellent mechanical strength at elevated temperatures. Kevlar, Phenolic Resin
ARG Good mechanical strength with high heat resistance. Good dimensional stability. Good moisture resistance Glass, Phenolic Resin
LG7 Excellent Anti - Tracking and Arc Resistance. Low water absorption Glass, Silicon Resin
LEO It has good electrical properties and high strength which are maintained at high temperatures. Flame retardant suitable for mechanical, electric and electrical applications Woven Glass, Epoxy
LM36 Excellent dielectric and mechanical properties at higher temperatures. Glass Epoxy, Resin
GPO3/LGP Formulated for superior electrical, thermal and mechanical properties
Glastic UTR 1494 is the industry standard for flame and arc/track resistant electrical insulation.
Glass, Polyester Resin
SG200 A high strength and high temperature laminate with high performance features. Glass, Polyester Resin
FHT Highly flexible, excellent dieletric strength with high heat resistance Glass, Polyester Resin
LM5 High mechanical strength, flame retardant, good heat and arc resistant properties. Glass, Melamine Resin
LSAT A high strength - high temperature laminate with excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. Mica Silicon, Resin
LSLP Flexible and thermally resistant. Mainly used as slip plane insulation. Mica, Silicon Resin
SINDANYO H91 Non-asbestos, chemically inert and non-combustible fibre reinforced cement boards. Fibre Cement Board

** This Data, while believed to be accurate and based on reliable analytical methods, is for informational purposes only. Data supplied above are "Typical Values", and not to be considered "Specification Values".

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